1st AFIIM Course of MRI : MSK and neuroradiology imaging

 Date : May 28th 2015
Location : Tel Aviv – Leonardo City Hotel, Ramat Gan
Organization : AFIIM-ISRA

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
AFIIM  is pleased to present its first MRI course .
This course will include two session this year : Musculo-Skeletal Imaging and NeuroImaging
These sessions will be set up upon « How do it ? ».
Each session consists of practical concepts for the practical realization of MRI examinations (optimal choice of sequences, suitable settings, patient positioning etc .)
Before each course, quizzes will  allow a self-assessment by voting beyond a box. (don’t forget to return it after the course).
The answers to the quizzes will be given during the tuition. A prize will reward the winner.


MSK Session : 

Neuroradiology Session :

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