Témoignages des internes israéliens

Many many thanks to AFIIM organization  for your kind invitation to the conference in Paris  and to the “mini fellowship” in Lille.
I learned a lot  and was enriched by the two events professionally and humanly.
I would like to remark that being exposed to the neuro-invasive procedures opened for  me a new field of interest and learning.
Likewise I enjoyed greatly the staying in France and particularly  in Lille.
Ill be glad to keep contact with AFIIM as guest in Israel at my home and at Share Zedek Medical Center.
With great thanks and appreciation

Sincerely yours.
Yonatan Turner

Dear fellows!

I would like to thank the AFIM for well organized conference in Paris and studying in neuroradiology department in Lille hospital (15/03/10 – 24/03/10)!I would like to thank especially Professor Pruvo and his colleagues for warm attitude and care!Everything I have seen and heard in France was so interesting and useful.Thank you also for your hospitality very much!
I hope, I »ll have an opportunity to meet you here in Israel and if I have a chance to study in France once more!

Dr.Alla Mamonov, Barzilai medical center,Ashkelon,Israel

My name is Yuliya Azhibekov, a doctor from Soroka University Medical center. I was on the mini-fellowship from 15.3.10 to 26.3.10 in Paris Saint – Joseph hospital in radiology department under the supervision of Dr Marc Zins.

During these two weeks I had spent most of my time studding vascular imaging with Veronic Marteau, one of the best radiologists of the department. I was not only impressed by her great professional level, but also was full of hospitality for me during my stay in France. Moreover, I received good lessons in abdominal and lung imaging and I’m thankful to Dr Isabel and Dr Valeria.

I thank all of the doctors in the radiology department and I especially Dr Marc Zins for taking part in caring for me during my stay in Paris. I felt that I was among great professionals and close friends.

I want to thank everyone who was part of the organizing my studding in France.

I was invited by AFIIM to attend this year’s annual conference and later do two weeks rotation in a radiology department in France.

This year’s conference was focused on cardio-vascular radiology. I was impressed with the academic work done in France in this field. The ‘highlight’ of the conference, for me, was the quiz between residents from France and Israel. It was very educational and to the point.

After the conference, I was invited to visit the radiology department headed by Prof. Phillippe Douek in the Cardio-Vascular hospital in Lyon. I saw a very active department performing state of the art medicine. I had the opportunity to take part in procedures I have not yet seen (only read about in textbooks), and was exposed to very complicated clinical cases, which are not the everyday cases in our hospital in Israel. I was glad I could share some of the experience I gained back home in cardiac and vascular CT, especially in image post processing.

This visit was helpful for me on another level. As a resident, it is very reassuring to see that the way we approach ,manage and report our cases at home is done the same way everywhere, and that the clinical and radiologic knowledge is the same both home and abroad.

On a personal level, everywhere I and my family went, we were accepted and hosted very kindly, and we enjoyed the visit, both in Paris and in Lyon, very much. I am grateful for this opportunity and thank the AFIIM organizers and especially Prof. Douek, the doctors and staff at the radiology department in Lyon for their hospitality.

Robert Sachner.

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