Tel Aviv 19 Mai 2016 – Présentations et Quizz

MRI of anal fistulaC.Hoeffel
MRI enterography. How I do it ?C.Hoeffel
MR of pancreas and biliary imaging : how I do it ?I.Boulay-Coletta
Benign tumors of the liver : tips and tricksL.Baranes
MRI of infiltrative diseases of the liver : How do I evaluate iron, fat and fibrosisN.Caplan
MRI of biliary network : How I optimize it ?N.Lev-Cohain
MRI of malignant hepatic tumors : tips and tricksR.Schor-Bardach
MRI of liver imaging : How I do it ?L.Baranes
Liver MRI : mandatory sequencesP.Zerbib
Quizz 1P.Zerbib
Quizz 2L.Baranes
Quizz 3L.Baranes
Quizz 4R.Schor
Quizz 5 – I.Boulay
Quizz 6I.Boulay
Quizz 7C.Hoeffel
Quizz 8C.Hoeffel
Quizz 9 C.Hoeffel
Quizz 10N.Lev-Cohain
Quizz 11N.Caplan

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