Le diagnostic précoce du cancer

6ème Journée de l’Association Franco-Israélienne d’Imagerie Médicale

18F-FDG PET/CT in the diagnosis of tumor thrombosis
T.Davidson, E.Konen, O.Goitein, A.Avlgdor, T.Zwas, E.Goshen

The role of preoperative MRI in patients with invasive lobular carcinoma
O.Golan, F.Sperber, A.Shalmon, T.Weinstein, A.Gat

How common are bone islands on abdominal and pelvic CT?
T.Sella, N.Hiller, A.Yusef, E.Libson, J.Sosna

Improved conspicuity of abdominal lesions with single-source dual-energy MDCT
R.Eliahou, J.Sosna

FDG-PET/CT patterns and prevalence of peritoneal spread in ovarian cancer
SF.Srour, R.Bar-Shalom

Whole-body-low-dose MDCT in the investigation of multiple myeloma (MM) – A new approach and our experience
N.Kamenetsky, E.Rachmilewitz, R.Katz

Potential applications of single source dual-energy MDCT in the diagnosis of cancer

Screening for lung cancer using low dose CT : state of the art and controversies

Adult intussusception

Adult brain tumors

Soft tissue tumors

CT urography and applications in uroephithelial tumors

Diagnostic précoce de la cancérogenèse en sénologie : IRM standard et IRM interventionnelle
P.Taourel, X.Prat, P.Boulet, C.Granier, M.Devaux, J.Pujol

Cystic neoplasms of the pancreas

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